All StarCon attendees, speakers, volunteers, and sponsors are required to abide by these policies.

Photography Policy

All StarCon attendees, volunteers, speakers, and sponsors will be provided with a badge. Three colours of badges are provided.

  • Green means it is permitted for photographers to take pictures of you.
  • Blue means photographers are required to ask permission before taking pictures of you.
  • Red means photos should not be taken of you. (If any are taken by accident, they will not be published).

If no badge is visible, photographers will ask permission before taking pictures of you. Photographers will avoid taking any pictures of anyone wearing a red badge and ask anyone wearing a blue badge. Since it is not possible to always correctly identify badges, if photos are taken of red or blue badge-wearing attendees, we will not publish identifiable photos of those attendees. Anyone in a published photograph in StarCon media can ask to be made unidentifiable in that published photograph.

adapted from Strange Loop’s Photography Policy

No Alcohol Policy

StarCon is an alcohol-free event. This means that we will not be serving alcohol during the conference, and do not allow its consumption in our event spaces.